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AW Holiday has been providing tours for he past 18 years. We invite you to come and visit a true tropical paradise in Belize. We boast the longest living barrier reef in the western hemisphere and breath taking caves and water falls deep in the jungles.

Check out our Mainland Tours

(all prices in US dollars)

Cave Tubing

Belize Cave-Tubing is a unique tour. It is one of the most popular tours in the Western Caribbean and we make it fun. You get to enjoy Xibalba, the HELL of the Maya people.


The Ancient Maya City of AltunHa

AltunHa was once a wealthy Ceremonial MayaCity. It is here that the largest single piece of JADE carving in 'Moundo Maya' was discovered! Climb to the top of the temple of the Masonry Alters and take in the panoramic views of the site and surrounding jungle.

Cave Tubing Belize

Zip-Line Arieltreck

Soar through the Belize jungle canopy in style. That's right we offer one of the coolest thriller adventure tours. Zip-Line from one platform to another for 30 minutes
... AWSOME!!!

AltunHa Belize

Maya City of Xunantunich

“Here at the Xunantunich Maya Archeological Park sits amazing ruins of what once was a thriving Mayan City. Come and learn what our ancient ancestors did and witness their marvelous construction efforts. You can climb to the top of 'El Castillo' the tallest structure (Sacred Temple) which stands at 130 feet...”

Cave Tubing Belize

Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo boasts a display of most animals native to this land. They are kept in Kool fenced display areas. Come and see the sacred animal of the Maya's, the JAGUAR. For a small fee you can feed and pet 'Junior' the Jaguar that was born in the zoo...

AltunHa Belize

Maya City of Lamanai

“Lamanai (submerged crocodile) is one Maya Archeological Park that you will never forget. You will travel up stream of the New River to the ancient city where Lord Smoking Shell once ruled as the progenitor of the east and west. Come and enjoy the many birds and animals that line the river banks including crocodiles...”

Cave Tubing Belize

Horseback Riding

Our Horseback riding tour will take you through the jungle of belize, winding through our amazing trails. We get to see many wild life and birds especially. This is done on a beautiful well kept ranch located in the Cayo District...

AltunHa Belize

Crocodile Encounter

If you find crocodiles interesting, then this tour is for you. We will take you on an adventure you will never forget!! You also get to catch shrimps on our shrimp farm and then we prepare it you you. The favorite is the famous COCKTAIL...


We will take care of your every need while in Belize. Our tours include lunch.



RATES (all prices in US Dolars)

Cave Tubing & Arieltreck - By air $191.00 & by boat $135.00
AltunHa Mayan City & Cavetubing - By air $171.00 & by boat $125.00
Cavetubing & Belize Zoo - By air $181.00 & by boat $135.00
Xunantunich Mayan City & Zip Line - By air only $190.00
AltunHa, Cavetubing & Zip Line - By air only $195.00 USD Per Person
Crocodile Encounter, Shrimp Catching/cocktail, bird watching...plus more - By air only $175.00


Things to do on the Mainland

  • Cavetubing & Arieltreck
  • AltunHa Mayan City & cavetubing
  • Cavetubing & Belize Zoo
  • Xunantunich Mayan City & Zip Line
  • Altun Ha, Cavetubing & Zip Line
  • Crocodile Encounter, Shrimp Catching/cocktail
  • Bird Watching
  • Horseback Riding
  • Lamanai Mayan City

Tour Package Minimum of 3 Persons

Every 13 Guests 1 Free

We are here to satisfy your every need while in Belize!

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